Tatto Korea
Founded by Aerok Kim, Tattoo Korea is internationally ranked and awarded as the number one tattoo studio in all of Korea.
Our clients include top Korean celebrities and it's the home of the most talented tattoo artists in the industry.
+ We offer only the world’s finest workmanship, every time, to every client.
At Tattoo Korea, our aim is to provide what our customers want; the utmost professionalism and highest quality service.
Whether you want lettering done, or a highly detailed design, our tattoo artists each have their own specialized style.
From new school, to designs from the Orient, or even vivid portrait pieces, if you think it, we'll ink it!
+ We are the only fully licensed tattoo studio in Korea.
We use only authentic and the highest quality tattoo supplies available worldwide.
We are also the only certified tattoo studio in maintaining strict sterilization procedures.
+ We offer free consultation, both in English or Korean.
All of our staff members are fluent in English and Korean, ensuring no language barriers.
We want to give exactly what you want, as you want it, so that your design is something you will enjoy for a lifetime.
+ We provide the best prices.
All prices are negotiable and we have the most competitive prices in the industry.
For payment plans, contact us for more details.